Jenny's new office is in the Bozeman Hotel, 2nd Floor
(Above Tarantino's, on the corner of Rouse/Main).
Parking is in the lot behind the building or anywhere
on the street:
321 East Main Street, Suite 205
Bozeman, MT  59715
(406) 599-6229
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Shiatsu and Energy Medicine

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Welcome to Bozeman Massage Therapy! Jenny LePage, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, offers deeply healing treatments using a variety of time-honored practices. Working with systems of energy anatomy along with physical anatomy, Jenny is able to incorporate a profound level of healing into her bodywork sessions that helps clients open and rebalance with the natural energetic fields within and around us.

Jenny is formally trained in Shiatsu (the Japanese system of finger-pressure that stems from the Chinese meridian system) along with perceiving, interacting with and harmonizing the chakras (energy centers around the spine) and aura (human bio-energetic field) through her massage school as well as additional methods of learning. She has learned to work with the flow of the yogic kundalini within the body, primarily with the main energetic channel that runs up the spine called the sushumna. Her years of yoga training as well as time spent living in an ashram with exploration of meditation practices helped develop skills of presence and awareness of subtle energetics in the body and all things.

Jenny studied additional Chinese bodywork techniques with an Acupuncturist, including application of liniments (herbal oil formulas), guasha ("scraping" or pulling out energetic toxins with a smooth jade tool) and further work with meridians. She trained with a Reiki Master; Reiki is a method of directing universal energy for healing purposes. She has studied with teachers of various backgrounds in Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Herbalism, Permaculture and Native Medicine through the Montana Herb Gathering.

Her study of healing practices is endless and she continually refines her techniques through personal and professional practice. Both formally and through any methods of learning available, Jenny seeks to understand, broaden and develop her skills to offer the highest degree of healing possible. She recently initiated practice sessions with a colleague primarily to further develop these energetic and intuitive healing abilities.

The meridian system in the body is known by all indigenous cultures who observe natural phenomena both within and outside the body. The system of Chinese Medicine, with some of the most refined meridian techniques, first came about thousands of years ago when the common people in agrarian society lived in sync with natural cycles of nature, eating and adjusting activity seasonally. Like all other forms of native medicine throughout the world, they also watched the movements of stars and planets on bigger scales and noted the influence of these changes in humans. 

The meridians in the body are like rivers of chi, or energy. Called the jing-luo (jing=laterals and luo=collaterals, which means the main meridians and their collaterals), this intertwining web of channels forms a distribution system of chi (also called ki, qi or prana), that connects to every cell, fluid and tissue of the body. In essence, this is what forms the physical body. The points along the meridians (known as acupuncture or acupressure points, or tsubos in Japanese) are like dams along the rivers. Energy can collect here, and the dam can either be opened or closed through manipulation such as needle or fingertip. Adjusting the flow of chi allows greater vitality and balance within the body and opens the doorway for a greater connection to universal or cosmic chi all around us.

Likewise, chakras, or energy centers, in the body (which extend out front and back, top and bottom of the spine) are larger focal points of energy. There are different emphases of energetic systems depending on culture and geographic location. One of the most well-known is the yogic system of seven main chakras along the spine between the tailbone and the top of the head, correlating with the seven colors of the rainbow. Chakra, or cakra, means "wheel" in Sanskrit. It refers to the turning nature of these vortices of energy.

The human aura extends in an even more subtle form around the body, with no actual end. We all exist in a great sea of energy, from subtle to increasingly dense; what we perceive as physical matter like the human body is really just tightly woven chi. All is energy.

The Earth itself is one great energy "point", with its own lines or meridians, called ley lines (the study of Earth energy systems is called geomancy). In the same sense, each planet, our sun and solar system are points of their own, like our galaxy is also its own energy center and so on. We are webs within webs, which the Hawaiin shamans or healers would call the aka web (the word aka meaning the unseen or hidden) and how all things are connected. It is the way intuition works as well as healing over distance. Our very thoughts and intentions project and travel through this subtle vibrational system, creating physical reality.

The Chinese call this concept microcosms of the macrocosm. Others use terms like the energy grid, matrix, source or tao, and those that become aware in this level of existence may be called increasingly enlightened or embodied, through perception of the "light" or bringing spirit or energetic matter into the body, though as it is infinite there is no "there", just an increasing level of awareness. Quantum physics explores this field with such terms as "dark matter" and string theory and through experiments studying behavior of subatomic particles which behave outside the bounds of this culture's commonly accepted Newtonian physics. The state of "flow" is also well explored in terms of reaching beyond time and experiencing the limitless "now", through researchers including Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the realm of psychology.

Working with this energetic element that forms the human body and directs health is the deeper layer to bodywork that makes Jenny's treatments a true adventure in healing! Her sessions are based on this principle of interconnectedness - both within systems of the body and with the world around us. While manipulating soft tissue, she also listens to the more subtle energetic quality of the body's energy and helps bring this system to its optimal flow. Her sessions have a unique feel in that they may simultaneously include deep pressure and effortless energetic work, intertwining Western and Eastern modalities in the same session. This integration of systems allows greater awareness, health and alignment on the physical level while accessing the vast universal state beyond time and space, balancing the spirit itself.